Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Woman of Style

Elizabeth Taylor

It just had to be the seductive Elizabeth Taylor as my next entrant in “Woman of Style”. This fine lady was as famous for her jewellery as she was for being an actress. Her jewellery choices followed the trends of time and in the end was to become a landmark auction where every single pieces was sold. I believe for a staggering $156,756,576, and it gained global interest.
Gifted by her second husband, Mike Todd, they were to become a precious pair of earrings that she wore often. Todd died in a plane crash not long after they married.
Simply – Wow. I have seen many pictures of Elizabeth wearing this necklace. Yet another gift from husband Burton, she is wearing a Burmese Sapphire and Diamond sautoir necklace believed to have 321 carats to its weight. Burton was quoted as saying “The only word Elizabeth knows in Italian is Bulgari”
Didn't she carry off bold colours and head-wear? Here she is wearing a stunning brooch.
Probably the most recognised piece of Taylor’s private collection was yet another gift from husband Burton, 69.42 carat Diamond Pear shape. It was originally a ring but posing to be too big for Taylor is was remodelled into a stunning necklace. 
What a collection made by Van Cleef & Arpels in the early 90’s. I love the playfulness of this set. Of course we have diamonds, both white and yellow and chrysophrase...
 You may be focusing on the pearls here but it is that stunning Ruby and Diamond ring she is flashing that I want.
I don’t know too many woman that could have carried off this look, both hair style and dress. However, I love this stunning Emerald and Diamond Brooch..
Fashionable and stylish right to the end. Here, she is celebrating her 75th birthday and she is wearing jewellery from her own collection (House of Taylor Jewelry), a superb show of South Sea Pearls and Diamonds.
Elizabeth was a mother to four children and a wife to eight men. She would have been an interesting lady to have a cup of tea with or better still a bottle of champagne. I think she filled her life with great accomplishments and lived her life true to who she was..

Enjoy Life....

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