Sunday, 22 June 2014

Shadow Land

I took my gorgeous mother to see the opening night of Shadow Land in Sydney. I think I read somewhere the verse “To dance and dream in shadow” and that is truly what they did.  Imagery through body sculpting just took us away on their journey. We were captivated from the first scene, it was mellifluous to the eye and we were taken in and stay on their journey right to the final bow.

The story is of a young girl who is coming of age. She has the challenges of not being understood by her parents and feeling torn. At night as she falls asleep, she dreams the most unusual of dreams, encountering bizarre circumstances along the way, she is even turned into a creature, half girl-half dog. Although, it would appear to be an unexpected story line, the production was breathe taking to watch. 
What I really loved was their tribute at the end to Australia. It showed a great deal of gratitude toward those who came to enjoy their production. They played to the song “Downunder”, producing the Opera House, Bondi Beach and the outback. They even moulded their bodies to make the word Sydney. Fan-bloody-tastic.

It is well worth the viewing.

Enjoy Life....

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