Thursday, 12 June 2014

Real Beauty

A girlfriend sent me a link to watch a video on body image. Straight away I thought it was going to be about weight loss or even worse, how I need to loose 10kg in 10 days. Much to my surprise, it was neither of these and in the end left me emotional and slightly sad, sad that we as woman are still struggling to acknowledge that our bodies are beautiful however they come and that we need to focus on the healthy aspects of diet not image alone..
Liv & I when she was a bubba
Her name is Taryn Brumfitt and she is the founder of The Body Image Movement. In a nut shell, what Taryn is wanting to accomplish is a change in how woman see their bodies. She wants to facilitate positive body image, teaching woman to value and love their bodies. You must read her journey to understand that she had the epiphany of all epiphaniesRead Taryn's Story
To be really honest with you, I have never really obsessed over my body image, don’t get me wrong, I have in my life focussed on eating right and exercising frequently. I have been thin and I have been heavy but I guess I have what I call my “Feels Right” weight. It’s not the recommended weight for my height or bone density, it’s the weight I am when I feel my best. So – I’m not in my healthy weight range and my BMI is off the chart according to stats but I look and feel great. Isn’t that what we should be focusing on? I’ve never obsessed with it but I sure know that it has and always will be a part of my life. We see it everywhere – there are days when I see a picture and I think “I’d love to have her body – Jennifer Aniston” but in reality, that is not who I am. I would have to say that my gorgeous mother never focused on body image with me or my twin sister. We were never judged and in all honesty I think that has made me view my body the way I do today – we just felt loved and she let us guide our way through our teenage years without any judgement. By the way – I am not FAT, I am just a healthy version of my skinnier self. 
My Strength Comes From These Two
As a mother to a beautiful girl I to need to be mindful that I set the right example for her when it comes to how she sees herself, not how the world sees her. Now – that is my challenge in life. We don’t use the word “Fat” around her. She knows the difference between everyday foods and sometimes foods and in our house all is on offer. She needs to learn the choices and I will guide her as best I can. I want her to love who she is, not just her image. I want her to know that just her smile, lights a fire of happiness in our hearts and her laugh is pure joy, both of which have nothing to do with her body shape…. She is sweet and pure and I plan to make sure she focuses on being a healthy, balanced, kind, respectful young lady. Then I know I have done the best job I possibly can.
Pure Love

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Enjoy Life….

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  1. What an inspirational woman Taryn is. She is gorgeous both inside and out and we as woman should spread the word that we are all beautiful in our own way, and will not be defined by societal pressures. What a lucky mum am I to have such gorgeous, strong,driven beautiful you