Monday, 30 June 2014

Pink Dream....

Late last year an auction held in Geneva set a record. A record for what you ask? The sale of the largest Pink Diamond in the world. Weighing a staggering 59.60 carats, you could question what piece of jewellery could this stunning gem be turned into?
Originally called “The Pink Star” it was quickly changed by the new owner, Isaac Wolf, a diamond cutter from New York  to “Pink Dream”, who handed over a mere $83 million to own this rare gem. Bidding lasted just 5 minutes.
The stone itself is ranked to have the highest grade for its fancy colour and for its purity, it ranks in the top 2 percent in the world. This gem looks to be pretty special.
What once was considered a star that turned into a dream, it looks as though this has come true for this simply stunning gem. You see, after bidding, it would seem the consortium did not come up with the money, how do you get your hands on 83 mil anyway?
Was it too good to be true? I think that will play out in court. 

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