Friday, 6 June 2014

Oh My Gosh....

So, this afternoon I was blog surfing and stumbled across this great aussie blog called “Hello May” and as I was scrolling through my heart skipped a beat, there staring straight back at me were Luke & Jen, a truly beautiful couple who purchased their engagement ring (antique of course) and both their wedding bands from me last year at Dural Antiques
I can’t tell you how excited I am to see the final chapter of their union in the form of their wedding day. I was lucky enough to know about their relationship from my conversations with Luke and Jen, but it was how Luke was going to propose and that Jen didn’t know he was going to give her ‘The Ring’ she really wanted, that made me love this couple. A timeless Antique Diamond Solitaire that matched her in every way…
I wished I could reach through my monitor and tell them how incredibly beautiful they looked. Jen showed me pictures of her gown and her trial headpiece but there are just no other words to match this couple other than soulful and connected.
I wished there was a picture of their rings to complete the story.

True Love….

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