Sunday, 1 June 2014

Can I Please Have More.....

We had a dinner party with family over the weekend and I must say my sweet boy and I really stepped up to the plate and delivered a killer meal.. We go to an amazing certificated organic butcher and we picked up beef cheeks not knowing we would be having the family over. What a great decision that was.
So – with no recipe, I went searching online for a show stopping recipe and found just the one.

Slowly Braised Beef Cheeks in Pedro Ximenez
Another revelation was that we had all the ingredients in our pantry much to our surprise. This was an amazing start – not having to go out and spend money, we were ready to go..
Sweet boy was going to do mains and I was going to do dessert with Little Miss. I then decided that we needed a side of greens and I had this great recipe for beans that is always a hit, so I got onto that. Recipe from Pinterest: Green Beans Gremolata

 Dinner is Served
We had a potato puree rather than the cauliflower as I can’t have cream nor milk… 
Let’s get to the sweet stuff. Before I start, I need to set the scene, we had dancing, tasting and tears. It was a jammed packed dessert making experience.
Oh My Lordy Chocolate Dessert
Creator: Yours truly 
Ok Ok – it’s a cheat’s dessert. Anyone that knows me, knows I am all about home designed more than homemade.. Presentation is everything people.. I will say this though, it required a mixer, piping bags, smashing of Oreo biscuits and careful placement of fresh Raspberries.
As I said before, dessert making didn’t come without some tears, why, you ask? Well – butter isn’t it’s own food group.        
 Ok – we got back on track and headed for the finishing line with some laughter.
Super easy to make, grab yourself you favourite chocolate cake mix, I like Betty Crocker chocolate fudge cake mix (divide mixture into 6 ramekin dishes) and bake according to instructions, grab some pre-made chocolate mousse, I like nestle chocolate mousse, Oreo biscuits, ice-cream and fresh Raspberries. 
Now – construct to your liking, that’s it, you have a really impressive dessert that looks as though you have slaved in the kitchen to create. It really is a crowd pleaser… 

Enjoy Life….


  1. Looks absolutely amazing and proof positive that you can create beautiful food with a little imagination and ingredients that are familiar to you. Well done mum and Miss Olivia. Love the work in progress shots of the cook and her apprentice!

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