Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Ageless Style

There was an article in The Oprah Magazine in June called “Forever Gorgeous”, at first glance you’d be mistaken for thinking it was an article on naturally stunning woman that makes the mere ordinary girl feel just that ‘ordinary’. To a degree you would be right to think each page showed a stunning woman but what I loved about this article was the range in ages, you have a stunning actress at the gorgeous age of 17 and on the last page of this article was Agnes Zhelewsnik a gorgeous 100 year working teacher. Yes – a working teacher at the amazing age of 100.
 The article is solely about style being ageless, but it seemed to resonate more with me about age being no boundary.  Confidence in how you step out into this world and how you feel at any age was the true message of this article.
What a woman Agnes is, actively living life at her fullest. I think she could teacher us all a lesson in how to embrace life and live it wholly and fully.
I thought I would share a few other amazing women showcased in this article that I think will amaze you…
Tao Porchon-Lynchan amazing 95 Yoga Instructor. What a powerhouse. Tao’s smile alone would brighten any room she walks in…
Beverley Johnson – wow, 61 and rocking the body of a woman half her age. She is simply inspiring to keep a healthy mindset and body. I think her view of staying passionate about learning and her view about longevity is worth taking on board. Use our brains ladies….
Daisy Fuentes – a beautiful 47 year old woman. Daisy oozes confidence in this shot. I like her advice for her younger self “Don’t be so hard on yourself and others. And try to live in the moment. Otherwise, you’ll miss it
The pages of this magazine buzzed in my head. We really should Age Brilliantly ladies without regret and in the form of our true selves. Brush off all that doubt and live your life for today. Stay true and be honest with yourselves and your life will fill with the happiness you deserve.  

Enjoy Life...

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