Wednesday, 28 May 2014

What's in a Name?

What’s in a name you say?? Well – a lot. To me it was an easy decision to come up with another business name (which we did back in 2010), we were looking for a name that was just one word that had meaning.. So Bucklebury’s it was.
The meaning behind the name, for starters I have many pieces of antique jewellery that are in the shape of a buckle, so I best start there….. I have a true love for Buckle jewellery and it is the meaning behind the jewellery that captures my heart every time. The symbol of buckle jewellery resonates with me, it represents eternity, fidelity, loyalty, strength and protection. The buckle arches itself around and then threads back into itself creating an eternal loop, it threads through the buckle and tightly clasps shut. This to me symbolises resilient strength of loyalty, love and eternity.
It has also been known to represent independent ladies of that era. A woman that wore certain styles of buckle jewellery was to be known to have a voice if you like. You could talk politics, woman’s education, equal rights etc. You see, woman back in the day, they held the views of their husbands, when socialising, they were to talk sewing, cooking, craft. Boring if you ask me. So – as I’m a chatterbox who has no problem in the independent department. Bucklebury’s felt right.
The only question was – what is one word that has the word buckle in it??? We wanted it to flow, be easy to remember but still symbolise our industry of Antiques. Then Princes William proposed to Kate Middleton and she use to live in a town called Bucklebury a village in West Berkshire. That was it – it was English, pretty and now had a royal link. Perfect for our future in the antique industry…

So, there you have it – Bucklebury’s was born….

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