Monday, 28 April 2014

I've Arrived...

As I sit down to write my first blog, questions start flooding through my mind."Who will read my blog?", "Will anyone Follow me?", "Have I anything interesting to say?", my mind is starting to over think things and this is where I need to pull on the hand brakes and just stop!! Stop thinking, or should I say worrying and start contributing.
You see, I have wanted to start blogger for a very long time, but just what has held me back will take too many blogs to cover all the areas in my head that had concerns..

So!! I've arrived - even though it feels strange to have hang-ups about posting things for the world to read, I have jumped, yes, jumped off the swimming blocks and now I have to swim, swim, paddle, wade, whatever it takes to stay afloat and hopefully enjoy the swimming along the way. Who Knows - my blog could become just what some people are looking for. I hope you start swimming with me and hopefully we can all learn a few things along the way.

Enjoy Life...

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