Tuesday, 26 August 2014

She Own's It.....

Personal Style

I simply love when I stumble upon people I know that have a presence in an industry that makes for change. I know this wonderful lady through my business (Dural Antiques), she is an amazing woman in so many ways but here today, I see her through such different eyes. I always knew she radiated her own style but these simply amazing images of her show me another side of the woman I know as Sarah Jane Adams.

You rock this world in so many ways… I love your energy, buzz, generosity and above all, you own who you are and I strive to lead in your footsteps and stay true to who I want to be.
I ultimately love that fashion provides us with another tier to how we are seen by others and how we want to feel when we step out for the day… There is a blog called Advanced Style that focuses on the woman of a more mature age who dispel the conventional ideas about aging, beauty and that with age comes grace, confidence and flair. 
Ladies, when you have a few moments, take a stroll through the world of woman who own their identities through fashion, beauty and the benefits of age…..

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Enjoy Life.....

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