Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Woman of Style

Every time I see a picture of this wonderful woman, all I see is gracefulness. She makes me proud to be an Australian. I like that she was our Governor General of Australia, but more importantly, she seems to be a wonderful, grounded, wife, mother and grandmother.
Our entrant this week is the ever so lovely;
Quentin Bryce
At the gracious age of 72, I think Mrs Bryce holds her own when it comes to style… I love that she takes bold statement jewellery and pairs it with equally bold fashion style. She is not one to shy away from colour either.
She is well regarded in our country, having studied Law, she became one of the first women accept to the Bar of Queensland. She has had a lustrous career that I feel any women would be proud of.
Let’s take a look at her style; 
Never one to shy away from a little colour, here we have some very George Jensen like earrings. Bold statement with a classic style outfit.
I would have to say, Pearl is really Quentin’s signature choice.
I love her in this colour, teaming a double strand of pearls is so spot on.
Age is no boundary for wearing a choker, and doesn’t she sell this look for all women her age. Stunning.
Attending the Royal wedding, didn't she do Australia proud 
Meeting the Queen, Quentin yet again nails the look. Teaming a classic pair of Onyx and Diamond studs with this stunning black and white lace number.
Bold, yet understated. Doesn't this brooch just pop on this jacket?
Wow – out there but as always she get away with this and still comes out looking simply elegant
What a gorgeous shot – just being a grandmother.

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