Thursday, 31 July 2014

It's My Birthday Month.....

The number this year is 39... Yep - I'm one year off being 40 and although you shouldn't waste anytime wishing your years away, it got me thinking???

 I wished I'd meet Mr Right in my early twenties
 I wished I started having children before the age of the 36
 And I mostly wished
 I'd felt comfortable in my skin a decade ago.....

But.... Then I could ask the questions;

Would Mr Right and I still be together if we'd meet in our 20's?
Would I have had the time and raised my little girl the same way if I'd started having children earlier?
Would I have treated my body any different if I was comfortable in it a decade ago?

Life - is just that - Life!!!!! The ability to grow and change, experience Life - Alive and with good health...

So - maybe I should just feel grateful for all that I have and not ponder and worry about things I cannot change...

Enjoy Life……

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Getting My Craft On

I saw this beautiful Heart Blanket on Pinterest the other night, which got me thinking!!!

Maybe I should get my Craft On??? I’ve never crocheted in my life but my mother is all things knitting and I figured she’d have the tools to get me started. I was So right – I am now in the possession of crochet needles and wool. I haven’t a clue where to start but I’m going to give it a whirl.
My mother was happy to point out that this blanket would be an advanced pattern, but I need to dream big, otherwise - what’s the point…
Ok – I really need to learn quite a lot, this basic crochet stitch is hard work.
I will keep you posted, but in the meantime, check out what I am eyeing off for future projects.

Ok – back to learning how to crochet…..


Italy 2007 – My first time to Europe and we meet some fun, interesting people.. This street performer, was cheeky in every sense of the word. He asked for a picture and then proceeded to follow me through the Piazza we were strolling through…

Enjoy Life…

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Woman of Style

Every time I see a picture of this wonderful woman, all I see is gracefulness. She makes me proud to be an Australian. I like that she was our Governor General of Australia, but more importantly, she seems to be a wonderful, grounded, wife, mother and grandmother.
Our entrant this week is the ever so lovely;
Quentin Bryce
At the gracious age of 72, I think Mrs Bryce holds her own when it comes to style… I love that she takes bold statement jewellery and pairs it with equally bold fashion style. She is not one to shy away from colour either.
She is well regarded in our country, having studied Law, she became one of the first women accept to the Bar of Queensland. She has had a lustrous career that I feel any women would be proud of.
Let’s take a look at her style; 
Never one to shy away from a little colour, here we have some very George Jensen like earrings. Bold statement with a classic style outfit.
I would have to say, Pearl is really Quentin’s signature choice.
I love her in this colour, teaming a double strand of pearls is so spot on.
Age is no boundary for wearing a choker, and doesn’t she sell this look for all women her age. Stunning.
Attending the Royal wedding, didn't she do Australia proud 
Meeting the Queen, Quentin yet again nails the look. Teaming a classic pair of Onyx and Diamond studs with this stunning black and white lace number.
Bold, yet understated. Doesn't this brooch just pop on this jacket?
Wow – out there but as always she get away with this and still comes out looking simply elegant
What a gorgeous shot – just being a grandmother.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

A Stately Home...

So – I was wasting the day away looking at cottages, when I stumbled across a site that showcased Stately homes of England. Now – who wouldn’t want to have a peek inside some grand, very opulent, potentially majestic homes? I like their use of the word “home”, I would be more inclined to use the word Palace, Castle, Mansion… But I guess as they are lived in, they are someone’s home…
Take a peek at this simply stunning “Home”.
It has been owned by the Cavendish family since 1549, and currently is the home to the 12th Duke of Devonshire, Peregrine Andrew Morny Cavendish and his family. This home resides in the shire of Derbyshire, England.

Some Interesting Facts on Chatsworth:
·         In 1908, the 8th Duke of Devonshire Died, leaving £500,000 of death duties to the estate.
·         In 1912, the family sold 25 books printed by William Caxton, to include 4 Shakespeare Folios, 39 Shakespeare quartos to the Huntington Library in California
·         And the staff – boy there was some staff. 38 in total plus daily staff of another 20 or so.      There was even a librarian in house. Just to name a few;
    • o    2 night fireman
    • o    2 sewing maids
    • o    A vegetable maid
    • o    6 laundry maids
    • o    A dairy maid
    • o    Upholster
    • ·         In 2005, Pride and Prejudice was filmed at Chatsworth House  
Chatsworth has a mere 126 rooms, I think there is room for me..
The Great Dining Room
One of the many Bedrooms

The gardens are simply stunning

From the 2005 Movie: Pride and Prejudice

Today, you could marry at Chatsworth House, they have an entire team, with awarding winning chefs and bakers. How could you go past this place to say “I do”
I think I’ll be stopping by Chatsworth the next time I visit England…        
Enjoy Life.... 


Location, Location, Location………Champagne, sunshine and a spectacular view. This country has the best relaxing locations on offer. Oh – to be back there sipping on bubbly.