Tuesday, 17 June 2014

My Pa's a Fireman....

Every time we visit Sweet Boys family and spend the weekend we become a part of a custom in their family. Pa’s fire Bridge life….. You see, he has been a fireman since 1978 and in a month from now he will hang up his boots for the very last time. It has been such a wonderful career, Pa has gone from a fireman to a Deputy Captain and now he signs off having been the Captain of the fire house for the past 9 years.

It’s a stella career and I’m glad Little Miss has been able to understand what her Pa did for a living… She knows that he has to get dressed up and go and help people, sometimes he has to use the siren and get dirty. She even understands the beeping that happens in the house when Pa is being called out..
36 years on – I can tell you that Pa has seen a lot and I can only imagine the stories he will tell in the years to come to our little girl
Enjoy Life Pa now that you have retired.

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