Thursday, 19 June 2014

Country Crazy

To say I love Country music is a vast understatement. I’m not the crazy type that buys all the merchandise or travels around following their every show and I definitely don’t have posters… But!! I just LOVE the sound of country music. Not the country western kind that I grew up listening to, although I do like a bit of Dolly and Cash but the pop country of today.
Sweet Boy and I are off to see Keith Urban this weekend, his concerts are inspiring to me. I love the rawness of his performance and the story telling of his songs. Oh – and he’s an aussie which is great too..
So – where did my love of country music develop from? My Father. He would play the likes of Anne Murray or Kenny Rogers on long car trips and it just stuck. I’m at my happiest when I’m listening to country music, house work gets down quicker, I cook more when I’m listening to country music and trips in the car don’t seem to be as long when the radio is belting out a country ballad.
I think it was Reba McIntyre and Clint Black that I first started listening to as a teenager, but over time I’ve come to love all styles of country. My first country concert was back in 1998, it was Reba and Kenny playing in Sydney and I was over myself excited, I think I was the youngest their at 23 but I didn’t care, I belted out every song, off key, much to the surprise of the oldies around me. Kenny even threw me a signed tambourine, I still have it today.. I was 2 rows from the front, maybe he heard me singing and thought a gift may keep me quiet. 

I think the song that I was belting out was – Scarlet Fever…..
It’s fantastic that with technology I can be listening to any radio station in the world - amazing. I’d say that it’s got me listening to more country then I have ever before and it’s introduced me to more artist that I don’t think I would have ever heard of had I not been able to listen to Nashville radio stations. I stream through Tune-in online.

Enjoy Life, feelin’ a little country…….

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